Publication Support Services

Publishing years of research as a paper in International Journals has always been a must-do for researchers across the globe. Therefore, taking help from a Publication Support Service provider makes the process easier. It is a widely known fact that academic publishing is a rigorous process. For many researchers, especially first timers, the publishing process can be a daunting task. Non-adherence to journal guidelines and publishing protocols result in outright rejections. Hence, the crude reality of academic publishing is that there are more manuscript rejections than acceptances, let alone successful publications.

Our services

Journal Recommendation

  • Information about 3 to 5 journals, where YOUR manuscript would suit perfectly. Suggestions are according to the journal scope and technical quality of YOUR manuscript.

Copy Editing & Proofreading

  • Focused Publication-Editing, Proofreading & support for formatting YOUR manuscript. with assurance to follow the Journal Guidelines.

Target Journal Formatting

  • Our team ensures that your manuscript is formatted as per your desired journal guidelines

Plagiarism Check

  • We detect inadvertently occurring plagiarism in your manuscript

Journal Submission

  • Understanding complex journal submission guidelines is a complicated process. We assist you with the single-click process

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